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It is early evening on the 7th day of The Festival of the Conqueror in the 295th Year of the Republic.

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

9:00pm - CL Fight Night

The CL will once again open our ludus for public matches. Fighters of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Leadership will be available before and after the fights for those seeking membership in the city's premier gladiator stable ahead of the upcoming stable-only fights.


9:00pm - Silver Wolf Meeting and Open Fights

*Howls* All wolves should report to the Ludus to discuss any new business. Then we shall be opening up for public fights. Let's be prepared to show everyone that we still have sharp fangs.

The Ludus is also open to for any new fighters wishing to join the wolves.


9:00pm - MVG Patrol

MVG is going to have a Patrol. All members and any who wish to join us on Patrol are welcome and asked to meet at the main square in Monlon half a candle mark before. If you have questions Speak with Lapis or Dracuul.


9:00pm - The Shadow Rising

The old gods smile down upon the people once again. Their prayers up-lifting old beginnings and new endings, as the circle flows over its endless edge.

Night and Death, Fire and Water all rising.
Shadow growing as Light Fades into mist.

Join us in prayer to begin again.