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It is night on the 31st day of Allinius in the 304th Year of the Republic.


9:00pm - Festival for Ereal the Wanderer - Feralia

A short ritual, history, and teaching about this Festival will be held in the Holy city of Monlon. An event will honor the festival at the Great Orb shrine. This Festival honors those souls who have passed from our presence. It also begins the season that separates the warmth of Ereal from our land, or our winter months. Ereal wanders as our land rests from the great bounty harvested from Ereal's union, love work and presence during the other three seasons.


9:00pm - Unto darkness there is Light

We begin to truly dive into the subject material looking at the current festival.

We will meet at the Hospice.


9:00pm - Monlon: Uneasy Conflict

While those who fight wars continue to battle and look for ways to turn the tide of the Monlon occupation others settle into a new normal life. Shopkeepers and civilians find ways to make the best of the situation in Monlon. Developments to the east fall on heavy hearts in the Republic.

[Be on the look out for casual interactions as well as more involvedsg
opportunities to engage with the story of Monlon throughout the
following months. Some story outcomes will be decided by character
actions and decisions.]