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It is night on the 25th day of Lucifal in the 289th Year of the Republic.


8:00pm - Traevant Muster

Muster again at the boulder

SUNDAY, MARCH 03, 2019

9:00pm - Rumble in the Oaks

Tired of all the blood, but none of the drama?
Do you think the merit of men comes with who can swing their
axe, or who can control the crowd?
Do you want something more? A way to be eternal?
Immortalized in the arena of theater!

House Santum is seeking talented individuals that want to
not only flex their muscle and skill, but flex their ability
to bring story to life!

Seek us out and express to us your talent! Have an original
idea or story arc for our production? Pitch it to us!
Some story arcs will be provided to the best and most

No skill required. Just a strong sense of passion and Glory!

[Meet at Blackvine Square]