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It is early evening on the 9th day of Tulcas in the 294th Year of the Republic.

SUNDAY, APRIL 05, 2020

8:30pm - Perseverance

Same time, same place. Eagle Century, muster once again in Franlius - something special is planned. Make it hurt.

[Open to Legio I only - check the boards for details and come fully prepared.]


9:00pm - Healers of Light - General Meeting

Members, and individuals interested in joining the Healers of Light, are to gather at our hall on Bronze Lane to go over general business.

9:00pm - CL Fight Night

The CL will once again open our gates for an evening of bloodshed and entertainment. Fighters of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Gates will open early for those wishing to participate or inquire about becoming a professional gladiator.