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It is early evening on the 25th day of Rindak in the 305th Year of the Republic.

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2023

9:00pm - Silver Wolves FIGHT NIGHT!

Come one, come all. Join the Silver Wolves in a night of blood and honor. We are opening the Ludus doors for a night Fun, Fights, and Friendships.

[We need a healer, if you are available to make the event and heal please seek out Drittsekk, Designated healer will be paid for their time and use of supplies.]

[All fighters welcome and the Wolves are in open recruitment]

SUNDAY, APRIL 02, 2023

8:00pm - Graduation! Legio Recruitment, Part VI

One journey comes to an end while another is just beginning. Report to Vetallun Fort promptly as Eagle Century's latest recruits take their oath of service to the Republic.
[Open to Legionaries and Recruits]