One of the biggest most helpful features in this game is the @macro and @mtarg commands. They can be used for many things, from combat, to emoting, to just shortening commands. Below are some usage examples:
@macro 1
attack <target>
@macro 2
swat <target>
@macro 3
slash <target>

@mtarg pup|crab|gull|snapper

Using @mtarg, the game automatically replaces the <target> argument with your @mtarg argument

@macro SL
swat <target> low

@macro SHI
swat <target> high

@macro SM
swat <target> mid

@macro SH
swat <target> head

@macro SLF
swat <target> left foot

@macro SLH
swat <target> left hand

@macro LT
light torch

@macro GT
get torch

@macro DT
drop torch

@macro PT
put torch in my sack

@macro flip
emote does a back flip and lands solidly upon his feet.

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